Probabilistic characterisation of damage characteristic curve of asphalt concrete mixtures

Image credit: [IJPE]


Due to its efficiency, viscoelastic continuum damage mechanics has been used for modelling asphalt concrete behaviour widely. In this approach, viscoelastic and damage response are used to obtain a damage characteristic curve. Under ideal conditions, these damage characteristic curves obtained under different loading conditions should collapse to a unique curve. Due to inherent variations during specimen fabrication and testing, significant scatter are found in damage characteristic curves even under well-controlled laboratory conditions. Owing to deterministic nature, present day viscoelastic continuum damage models fail to account this scatter in damage characteristic curves. This paper presents a probabilistic approach to describe the scatter in damage characteristic curves. Several specimens were tested for their viscoelastic properties and damage response. These test results were used to construct …

International Journal of Pavement Engineering
Priyansh Singh
Priyansh Singh
Assistant Professor

I am working as an Assistant Professor in the Discipline of Civil Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Indore (IITI). My research interests include Pavement Materials Characterization, Pavement Modeling, Design, Construction, Evaluation, Pavement Recycling, Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Pavements