Recycling : A Way to Sustainable Paving

TEQIP III Sponsored One-Day National Webinar - CET, Bikaner

Dr Priyansh Singh | IIT Indore


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Last Updated on : 28/07/2020

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class: middle, center

You're an educator

You've got lots of .Rmds


But they’re stuck on your computer, and you need to share them easily others with out filling up their inboxes.

Your new classroom


And— you probably have a new classroom space that looks like this– so sharing needs to be done 100% online

class: center background-image: url(“images/rawpixel/lesson-time.jpg”) background-size: contain background-color: #f6f6f6

You might feel like this right now.


And you might feel like this right now.

Everything seems to need your attention,

but you cannot do everything.